Delivering more

TSI provides the highest quality products combined with industry-leading supply chain management to give customers better prices and more flexibility.

Not limited by geographic boundaries, TSI crosses the globe to find the best raw materials and manufacturing process for our clients.

All Quality Assurance systems are controlled from Australia with quality control personnel also working in offshore facilities, monitoring the production and testing process and training local personnel on Australian Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). They are also directly involved in the critical stages of the supply chain.

The result is more independent and comprehensive checking at no additional cost – and products guaranteed to meet local market needs.

All overseas manufacturing facilities are Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certified and subject to the same regulatory requirements and standards as Australian manufacturers.

Having access to multiple TGA approved plants in multiple countries allows TSI to create value where it is most logical and cost efficient, thus creating a dynamic and cost effective supply chain solution.

TSI is not restricted by equipment, offering extensive flexibility in batch size, manufacturing methodology and final packaging.

Access to extensive data, high quality protocols, sample storage, analytical testing, stability studies, data evaluation and reporting streamlines the product compliance process.

TSI’s Release for Supply service is conducted by experienced QA personnel working with well developed systems and methods in a secure, controlled environment. All the hard work has been done and the systems put in place for clients to simply access.