About TSI Australia

Who We Are

Established since 1988 in Brisbane, Australia, TSI’s Contract Manufacturing Division has grown to supply and package an extensive range of non-scheduled, complementary, listed, and registered products. TSI’s mission is bringing health to life and is now a world-class manufacturer of innovative and functional health products.

TSI are dedicated to creating innovative products that improve quality of life and extend lifespans. We are future-focused and driven by science. This helps us build market-capturing, eco-friendly products. Our global presence provides us with valuable expertise to broadly understand customer needs and to proactively improve supply chain efficiencies that are always supported with global regulatory compliance.

Our commitment is to employ state-of-the-art operations to deliver best-in-class products that are functional, efficacious, and safe.

Lin Zheng, General Manager

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What We Do

TSI is composed of three divisions working together with one goal—to create value for our brand partners and their customers. Within the Bio-Active Ingredients, Innovative Products, and Contract Manufacturing Services divisions, we have teams of researchers, scientists, regulatory specialists, and product development experts—each working in tandem to help create solutions for improving health.

We are the experts for all your product development, complimentary medicine manufacturing & packing needs.

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What We Offer

We are constantly formulating new products to meet evolving consumer need. At the same time, TSI also develops and maintains our own range of formulations that we can offer, as turn-key, solutions which are ideal for white-label brands. So, if you need to launch or extend your range with a tight timeline, we are the perfect partner.

As a vertically integrated supplement manufacturing company, we understand how to optimize the whole supply chain for efficiency. Through our superior granulation expertise, TSI can often reduce the number of excipients required for high quality caplet, and capsule, and tablet manufacturing.


Our platform of integrated capabilities allows us to offer a diversified range of services that are cantered on our customers’ growth and profitability.

We specialize in global market access and distribution expertise, with rigorous quality assurance and compliance programs. Learn more about our offering.

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